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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Exeter, Devon

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I am a Psychotherapist in advanced training, and I practice counselling and psychotherapy using Transactional Analysis (TA). I was a Registered mental health nurse for 22 years and in the past worked in inpatient and community roles and, of late, as a mental health mentor, in higher education.

I have a special interest in the transitions and dilemmas that can occur at any point during a woman’s life. These might include marrying; pregnancy; changes in role; relationship difficulties; and the challenges presented at menopause and during the ageing process. It is common to experience uncertainty, confusion, fear, and pressure at times of change or loss. Depression and anxiety may emerge as well as other, less common mental health issues.

Times of change or loss can be difficult for everyone. I work with all genders, without discrimination.

I am open to bringing spirituality, another of my interests, into sessions if the client wishes to do so.

I offer short and longer-term work depending on the needs of the client. Face to face sessions take place in a spacious, comfortable room in Exeter, Devon, with a Covid risk assessment in place. Online and telephone sessions are also available.

To learn more about me and my qualifications, click here.

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How I Can Help

I am trained in the modality of Transactional Analysis, a school of psychotherapy developed in the 1950s by a Canadian-born psychiatrist called Eric Berne. Transactional Analysis is still practised widely today because it offers an excellent foundation from which to understand how we as human beings develop, make the choices we do, and how change can come about. It uses the observations of here and now conversations to improve communication and relationships and is effective as a treatment modality for depression and anxiety, as well other mental health difficulties.

However, it is not necessary to have a mental health difficulty in order to benefit from counselling or therapy. Transactional Analysis provides constructs that can help us make new decisions that support the lives we want to live, explore our options for the future, or improve our well-being.

Counselling and therapy can help with:
  • Relationship problems
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • loneliness
  • stress
  • loss
  • sexuality issues
  • eating disorders
  • addiction
  • difficulties with anger
  • gender Issues
  • getting balance in all aspects of life
  • exoloration of life direction

    This not an exhaustive list, please do contact me to discuss your situation.

  • Our journey together begins with your story. We will explore your experiences, thoughts, and emotions to help you gain a better understanding of them, as well as broadening and deepening those responses through reflection and by considering new, alternative perspectives. It may also be helpful to reflect on the conversations that take place between us. Sessions are confidential, with the usual caveats as we will discuss.

    I work with adults (18yrs+) from a comfortable, private room in the centre of Exeter, Devon. Exeter has good transport links to the surrounding areas, including Topsham, Crediton, Exmouth, Tiverton, Honiton, and Chudleigh. Face to face, online, or telephone sessions are available; please contact me to discuss your options.

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